It is known that potato is a very important food source due to its wide usage area and high nutritional value.

Potato grows in temperate or temperate-cool climates. The plant and tuber whose air temperature is below -2 C begin to be damaged. Even if it is above 30 C, the plants start to lose a lot of water. The plant receives the energy required for photosynthesis from the sun’s rays. The higher the light intensity, the higher the efficiency. Potatoes can be grown in almost any soil except stony, barren, high groundwater soils. The drought tolerance of the potato plant is low. Therefore, it needs 300-450 mm of precipitation or equivalent irrigation.


The onion plant needs cool air in its early development stage. The temperature should be high for the head binding and growth phase of the head.

The average temperature should be around 12 C in the early development stage, 21 C on average for the head lacing stage, 24-27 C for the head to mature.

The onion plant has the ability to withstand low temperatures such as -8, -10. It grows in humus-rich, sandy soils and clay-sandy soils. Onion cultivation has 3 types of cultivation: with direct seed sowing, with pinch, with seedlings.

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