While the usage of frozen meat, fish freezing, chicken freezing, bakery products freezing, fruit freezing and vegetable freezing is increasing, different application areas are gradually expanding.

With the effective cold air (-35, -40 degrees) applied when the product is at its freshest state, it is reached to very low temperatures in a short time and frozen to the core.

Freezing is a pre-cooling process to keep a product frozen for a long time and to take it back with the same freshness at the end of this period.

Thus, the product becomes suitable for frozen storage without losing its freshness.

Freezing is a very critical process for the hygienic preservation of the products at the same freshness for a long time. As the storage conditions of each product are different, the freezing conditions are also different.

Factors such as the selection of the appropriate machine according to the product to be shocked and the outdoor parameters, the equal distribution of cold air in the room, the use of the right panels and doors for perfect insulation, and the achievement of energy-saving efficient working conditions should be considered as a whole. Developing and using the most advanced technology in cold storage, Erkar ICS offers the right product in freezing rooms as well.

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