Chiller device is a system that cools the water by throwing the energy gained by the refrigerant gas inside the evaporator and the compressor through the condenser.

Systems that prepare cold water for use in fan coils and air handling units in order to increase the production quality or in line with various needs in buildings are generally are called chiller cooling systems.

The working principle of the chiller device is as follows: The refrigerant from the evaporator is compressed in the compressor to increase its pressure and temperature, then the refrigerant passes to the condenser, where the temperature of the refrigerant is discharged with water or air, the liquid refrigerant goes through the throttling valve and changes its state and cools in the evaporator.

The coolant and water allow the water to cool by transferring heat, the cooled water is sent to the system through the pump. It provides air conditioning by producing the water needed to be used in auxiliary equipment such as fan coils and air handling units in factories, buildings, shopping centers, hospitals. In this system, a much higher capacity cooling occurs compared to other cooling systems. We produce our chiller devices with air or water cooling.

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