About Us

Erkar Industrial Cooling System

Erkar ICS is a technology and engineering company specializing in “green energy” in the machinery manufacturing sector, producing cooling machines and monitorable cold rooms according to the needs of its customers.

Erkar ICS employees are a team that has been conducting training and R&D studies around the world for 15 years. Erkar ICS meets the cooling needs of many different industries. Our company, which produces and supplies all teams, equipment and machines for refrigeration, offers you a professional service with its service network and experienced staff.

Erkar ICS, which has been a partner to the sectors that need cold storage and those working in this field for many years, designs the products it produces with its own professional staff. Our company, which uses all the innovations of technology as well as a trained engineer and technical team, each of whom is specialized in their own field, produces above world standards by giving importance to durability, function and aesthetics. In this way, it offers its customers reliable and healthy products.

We adopt a coordinated working approach with our customers in our project designs and contracting services.

Our experienced project team informs you on important issues such as physical suitability to the area where your project will be made, feasibility analysis, project draft cost and operating cost.

The design of your projects, transferring references similar to your projects and making new works specific to you are among the main subjects of our project team

As we all know, industrial projects are irreversible investments. In line with your request, we are at your side with our experienced and expert team in your projects that you can use safely with zero defects.


To develop and offer more reliable, efficient and sustainable innovative solutions.


To be a high-value brand in national and international markets, to be the first choice by making our customers happy with our solutions, our solution partners with our work and our employees with our conditions.


Production requires years of experience and professional competence. With our expert staff and production facility that will meet the expectations, all kinds of cooling equipment reach you under ERKAR ICS assurance.

In addition to this, we always wish to present you flawlessly by combining the idea of “ALWAYS FOR BETTER” with technological data that constantly renews itself