Banana Cultivation

Banana grows in humid, tropical climates. If the banana is grown under 15-16 C, its development begins to decline, at 2-3 C it is damaged, at 0 C and below temperatures the upper part dies and the stem is seriously damaged. An average of 26-27 C is the ideal temperature for bananas. The moisture requirement of bananas is high, as is the temperature. The humidity should not fall below 60%, but it should not exceed 90% in order to prevent some diseases and to continue the development of the banana. The most suitable soil type for growing bananas is deep, humus-rich, permeable and sandy soil type. At the same time, the soil must be moist because the banana leaves are large and consume a lot of water by sweating.

Banana Browning

After the fruits are harvested, the yellowing process is carried out in specially designed rooms with heat and gas insulation, ventilation systems, and temperature and humidity adjustments so that they are ready for the consumer. There are some conditions that must be in the rooms for a successful yellowing process. Such as temperature, humidity, ventilation conditions. The temperature of the room should be 20-28 C and the relative humidity should be 85-95%. The name of the gas used for the yellowing process is ethylene gas. Ethylene is injected into the fruits for yellowing to occur. The room should remain closed for 24 hours after ethylene administration. At the end of this period, the room must be ventilated, otherwise the CO2 level will rise above 1% and this will adversely affect the yellowing process.


Depending on the types and varieties of the products, the yellowing process is completed in 2 to 4 days. If desired, the duration of the yellowing process can be shortened or extended.

The bleaching rooms should have coolers and cooling systems designed to minimize the moisture loss of the product. Loading systems should be as diverse as single, double and triple storey. The doors of the rooms should be airtight and automatic.




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