Logistics Warehouse Cooling Systems

Logistics Warehouse Cooling Systems

Logistics Warehouse Cooling Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems, Cold Storage Rooms have an important place in extending the storage life of the products and preserving the natural feature of the product without spoiling it. Animal and Agricultural products, Aquaculture, Bakery Products, Medical and Medical products etc. All products that have the risk of premature deterioration, such as from the first stage to the last stage, that is, from production to consumption, must be stored in the Cold Storage.

Turnkey Cold Storages with ERKAR ICS, Meat Integrated Facilities, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Cold Storage, Shock Rooms, Frozen Rooms, Citrus Cold Storages, Bakery and Dairy Products Storages, Ice Cream Cold Storage, Hotel Cold Rooms, Medical and Medical Cold Rooms, Domestic and Medical Waste Storages, Vaccine Cold Rooms, Container Cold Rooms, Restaurants, Process Cooling Areas,

We meet all your cooling and cold storage needs for cafeterias, catering cold rooms, restaurants, etc. We offer unlimited services from the smallest m² to the largest m².

We offer our services in a problem-free and professional manner by extending the storage life of the product to be stored without removing it from its natural state, reducing waste rates, and most importantly, by providing energy efficiency and energy saving, which is accepted worldwide and which is also important to the European Union.

With this sensitivity, we complete our Cold Storage projects by offering economical solutions to save energy, which is the most important factor in Sandwich Panel Insulation and Industrial Cooling Devices.

We are proud to serve not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world with our project engineers, production team, assembly team and most importantly after sales technical service team, who have experienced not only the work we have done but also the analysis of the products you want to keep in cold storage.

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